Thursday, December 25, 2008

Quality: The Best Christmas Present.

Today is Christmas, 2008.

For many, 2009 contains more uncertainty than is comfortable. Presents under the tree this year may tend to be more practical, more conservative. Looking at the future does tend to color one's outlook about the present. Which color, however, is up to you: gray, or green? The answer lies in the ideas of quality.

Will 2009 be better or worse for you? The very question tells you the answer is about quality. Quality is all about better and worse. So for this Christmas (or any time of the year) give not only to yourself, but to all those you love, the best present of all: a better future.

The future is created by actions in the present. Seems obvious, but until one fully grasps this idea and uses it, the future will continue to catch one by surprise, and will disappoint. Keep in mind, the future is not just six months from now, but also an hour from now, and tomorrow, and next week.

Making the future better is so incredibly simple, so practically magical, that not doing so passes understanding. Just do what you know to do, and what you know how to do, a bit better. Show affection: give a quick back rub when you walk past your spouse; tousle your child's hair; call your mother; blow a kiss. When you send an e-mail, make sure the spelling is perfect. Building or making something? Make it better than "good enough."

Much goes into creating quality in the present, all of which creates quality in your future. Read all about it in my book, Anyone Can Improve His or Her Life: The Principles of Quality, available at, if you wish, but you can work out a lot of it on your own as well.

Give the Christmas present of quality, and Christmases of the future will contain it also.